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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition in Taunton. Specialising in Fat Loss, Increased Energy, Health and Vitality.

If you are wanting to lose fat, increase fitness, improve health and live a healthier and happier life then I want to help.

There is no reason why anyone needs to be unhappy about their physical condition or health levels. The best thing about this is that YOU have full control over your physical condition and your health. All you need to do is want enough to be willing to work for it. 

Losing fat and increasing your health and wellbeing is not always easy and often takes hard work and dedication. But I promise you that if you are willing to work for it then we can show you how to do it and you will get your results. That's what a personal trainer or nutritionist needs to do. And that's what Taunton Health is here to do. 

About James MOst, BSc, FDN                                                     

Understanding the body, how it works and how this knowledge can be used to help people has been an obsession of mine which has led me down one single path for my whole working life. Hundreds of books, countless courses and two degrees has put me in a very strong position to help people not only lose fat and improve fitness but achieve optimal health and function.

James works with clients as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Osteopath. Until recently James worked in some of London's most presigious and highly regarded personal training studios where he helped hundreds of people including musicians, actors, athletes and even other health professionals. 

Short term fat loss vs long term health and vitality...            

Most people want to lose a few extra pounds of body fat and look a little slimmer. That's fine and a great goal to have. The question really is why do so few people ever reach their optimal weight and fitness? Sometimes it is down to a lack of motivation, sometimes they just want that sweet food more than they want the results. What I really hate seeing though is when someone REALLY wants the results but is doing the wrong things to achieve it. 

The funny thing is, everyone wants long term results but most people are doing things that will only ever bring them short term results. For example, cutting calories, running for an hour every day, cutting fat from their diet. These kind of things might show some results initially but they are not maintainable, not healthy and almost always end in someone putting all the weight back on and often more than they started with. 

They are left with more body fat, less energy and reduced health. This clearly wasn't the goal. 

The sad thing is that these people DID have the motivation and dedication to achieve their goals, it's just that they were never shown the correct things to do. 

This is where we're different!                                                                                            

What YOU can expect...                                                                  

Firstly and most importantly you need to know that we will not only meet your expectations but will exceed them in every way. 

Utilising the incredible power of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition we are able to perform a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying causes of the problem instead of simply doing the same old thing as the next unsuccessful gym goer. 

Using functional lab work we identify healing opportunities and engage each person in health building process using the potent, proven and professional protocols in the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success program. This includes Diet, Rest, Supplements and Stress Reduction. 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition can best be described as bridging the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine. We use lab testing to really understand what is happening in your body specifically to you. You are just as different on the inside as you are on the outside and the way you eat, drink and exercise needs to reflect those differences. 

Can We Help You?

Yes....IF you are as committed to restoring your health as we are.

We are here for you, ready to give you the help you need to lose fat, increase your energy, improve your fitness and get healthy once again.

The next step is to give us a call at our clinic, Taunton Health and get yourself booked in for a consultation today.  


We look forward to seeing very soon.

James White

A few examples of what we can do...

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